Job Vacancy - Digital Marketing Skills Coach - Rotherham UK
Job Title: Digital Marketing Skills Coach

Ref No: VAC-15111


Location: Rotherham

Type: Permanent

Salary: £36,000 -


Job Description:
Digital Marketing Standards Specialist Skills Coach
This role is a field-based role with regular attendance at the Rotherham office.
This is an assessment role managing a caseload of learners with direct delivery.
" Planning, delivering and assessing on the L3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programmes

" To support the Digital Marketer Programme Delivery Manager to ensure the assessment process consistently meets national occupational standards and the requirements of EPA.
The key responsibilities for this role are:
Plan and Design Learning Programmes and Sessions
Plan and design specific industry standard learning programmes in Digital Marketing technical competencies, behaviours and relationships.
Syllabus area:
Technical Competencies:
" Written communication
" Research
" Technologies
" Data
" Customer service
" Problem solving
" Analysis
" Implementation
" Marketing Tools
" Digital Tools
" Digital analytics
" Industry knowledge
" Business Environment
Behaviours and Relationship:
" Business skills
" Complexity
" Influence
" Autonomy
Professional Development:
" Understanding organisation
" Additional business skills
" External activities
" Additional learning
" Professional networking
" Provide a structured, co-ordinated and consistent learner journey from enrolment through to EPA.
" Adopt good planning and preparation practices which lead to high quality learning programmes and sessions.
" Ensure learners are ready for EPA, through the development of a high-quality portfolio of work, production of an employer reference and learner industry confidence, demonstrated through an interview.
" Keep abreast of practical and theoretical developments and update material and assessment plans accordingly.
" Establish realistic learning objectives which meet individuals and group needs
" Prepare workplace training/group sessions/assessment plans utilising a variety of training methods, accommodating different learning styles.
" Promote new ways of training and learning; stimulate innovation and co-ordinate the input of others.
" Incorporate integration of 'on' and 'off' the job learning activities into workplace training, group sessions and assessment planning.
" Agree individual learning plans and contracts with learners.

Deliver Training and Learning
" Provide specific industry standard training through, work place delivery and group sessions in Digital Marketing technical competencies, behaviours and relationships.
" Manage an agreed caseload of learners and liaise with employers as necessary.
" Create a stimulating and energising learning environment.
" Carry out employer and learner inductions in the workplace. Conduct initial and diagnostic assessment of learners, identification of support, skills and training needs, delivery and assessment of skills and the provision of on-going advice and guidance, all focussed towards ensuring a valued learning experience.
" Co-ordinate 'on' and 'off' the job learning and assessment between trainee and employer/company/provider/trainer assessor, and support the achievement of the Individual Assessment Plan
" Establish an open, trusting and professional relationship with learners and employers.
" Integrate functional skills throughout the training.
" Use a variety of training methods to engage learners, to convey information, and to encourage creativity and motivation.
" Use effective materials and appropriate resources, at a pace and level which meet learners' needs.
" Use learning materials which are free from stereotyping and present positive images in relation to race, gender and disability etc.
" Work with others to support learners with learning difficulties and facilitate integration within the teaching and learning environment.
" Encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and develop students' learning skills encouraging independent learning.
" Work with colleagues and with outside contacts to deliver learning programmes
" Deal promptly and effectively with inappropriate behaviour
" Incorporate health & safety of learners within the learning environment.
Assess the Outcome of Learning and Learners' Achievements
" Adopt appropriate strategies to assess learning and achievements - e.g.
" Give feedback to learners to support and inform the learning process.
" Use a variety of methods to assess formatively and summatively, ensuring that learners understand the purpose of assessments, and that methods are appropriate.
" Encourage learners to reflect on their own learning experiences and to monitor their own progress.
" Use assessments to identify additional support requirements.
" Check regularly that training is meeting learners' needs and that effective learning is taking place; modify session/lesson plans and training delivery accordingly.
" Complete reports and reviews timely to identify progress and provide motivation and support in areas that require further development
" Record, store and process assessments results to meet external standards.
" Ensure that learners have access to impartial, comprehensive and current advice which meets learners' personal development as well as educational and vocational needs.
" Attract and retain learners, and help them achieve learner competence, test and examination results.
Salary £36,000-£40,000

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